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    Timothée Jaussoin · 2 days ago - 17:29

    So Movim 0.21 is now released. It took quite some time but I was finally motivated to publish it and write the release-note. Enjoy ! SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES #movim #release

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    Movim 0.21 - Whipple

    Movim 0.21, codename Whipple, is finally out! Let's have a look of all the new and improved things that you can find in this big #release 🥳 Message replies You can now reply to messages thanks to the implementation of the XEP-0461: Message Replies. More and more clients in the XMPP ecosystem supports this feature, including Slidge, new XMPP gateways project that is allowing you to bridge Movim with Telegram, Discord and many others chat platforms. Push Notifications Movim now integrates WebPush. Never miss a message, even when Movim is closed. This feature is also working when you install Movim as a Progressive Web App on your Android or iOS device. Improved account configuration The configuration panel has been redesigned to be more accessible. You can now block contacts directly from your Movim instance and manage your block-list from the panel. Microphones and webcams can also be configured and tested from the Audio & Video configuration tab. New emojis This version brings the support of Unicode 14 and many new emojis that you can use in your messages, posts, replies and reactions. Redesign Movim is following the #Material Design guidelines since 2014. This release is bringing a fresh redesign of the components and animations based on Material 3. The main menu was reorganized to clarify the navigation and hide the second-level pages in a sub-menu that appears when hovering the account item. Following this redesign Movim accounts can now set a banner next to their avatars. Share and Send To The Send To feature, that allows you to send articles to contacts was completed by a Share feature allowing you to share the article in a new publication on your personnal blog on in a Community that you're in. Useful to share things around ! Audio messages Movim can now play and record #audio messages. Gallery Communities When creating or configuring your Communities you can now set a Community type. The Gallery Community forces the publications to contain at least one image and display them as a grid. This feature is the result of a long clarification and standardization work made on XMPP Pubsub with the pubsub#type attribute, the introduction of a new XEP based on that change called XEP-0472: Pubsub Social Feed and the support of pubsub#type in ejabberd (related ticket). Performances, memory consumption and stability A very important work was done to limit the Movim processes memory consumption. The daemon and subprocesses are now using PHP Opcache to load and share only once lots of files that were previously loaded multiple time during the Movim runtime. PHP modules are also loaded using a predefined whitelist to limit the usage of useless modules in memory. DotEnv configuration The old configuration system has been moved to the DotEnv standard. This change merges all the previous configuration (database, daemon and paths) into an unique .env file. They can also be set using environment variable directly in your Docker Compose, or Web Server (using SetEnv in Apache for example). The official Movim Docker image was also updated to fit those changes. Migration from Movim 0.20 If you are planning to upgrade your current Movim instance please follow those few steps: Copy and rename the .env.example file in .env and complete the few configuration variables in it. They should be the same as the one you set in the previous file and your daemon parameters. Remove the file Remove all the daemon.php parameters from your init.d, systemd services or other scripts. The daemon launch command should look this way: $ php daemon.php start. ...and as always, don't forget to run the migrations (php composer.phar movim:migrate) and restart your daemon. XMPP Pubsub node security and restrictions Movim 0.21 is not trusting anymore posts, likes and comments that are not containing the explicit identifier (Jabber ID) of the publisher and therefore now rely on this part of the XEP-0060: Pubblish-Subscribe - 12.16 Associating Events and Payloads with the Generating Entity. All the existing likes and comments might be not counted anymore or seen as "Non trusted" ones. All the new published ones will be configured properly. Migration from Movim 0.20 On ejabberd You can update all the existing stored node configuration to force the new default configuration using the following SQL request. You might do a backup of your database before doing such changes: update pubsub_node_option set val = `publisher` where name = `itemreply` and val = `none` ...and load those changes without restarting ejabberd: $ ejabberdctl clear-cache On Prosody Ensure that you have the expose_publisher = true set in your configuration, see the related documentation. What's next? Movim 0.22 should include two big projects. OMEMO rewrite ? The cleanup, rewrite and refactoring of the OMEMO support that is quite buggy and not opmized. We are not promising anything on this side, OMEMO is always a complex beast to handle. Multi-part audio and video-conference feature The audio and video conferencing features were already introduced a few years ago in Movim. Some preparation work has been done in this 0.21 release to be able merge back the pop-up video-conference window inside the main window for the upcoming release. The multi-part audio and video-conference feature is also one of the main feature that miss in Movim and is requested quite often by our users. Let's see if Movim 0.22 finally include this long awaited #feature. Regarding the amount of work that need to be done regarding those features it might be possible that specific funding will be requested for it to free up enough time to work properly on their integration. Enjoy! A big thanks to the #Movim community that is growing more than ever. You can find us on our main support chatroom If you find issues or if you want to contribute to the project you can find everything on our Github page. And if you want to support us, fund the development of new features and help us pay our servers, domains and communication we are actively looking for supporters and sponsors on our Patreon. That's all folks!

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    Script to convert Canon RAW to JPEG

    Timothée Jaussoin · Saturday, 10 December - 22:51 edit

Just a small script that I wrote to convert directories of #RAW pictures in #JPEG. It might help some of you folks, who knows.

This script is simplifying my flow. I am shooting everything in RAW and importing all the pictures to my Photos directory using #Gthumb. Once all the #photos are imported I pick which directory I want to keep in RAW and run this script in the other ones.


echo "Convert $1 directory"
exiftool -b -PreviewImage -orientation -w .jpg -ext cr2 -r "$1"

echo "Copy EXIF"

cd "$1"
for file in *.CR2; do
    exiftool -tagsFromFile "$file" ${file::-4}.jpg

echo "Cleaning up"
rm *_original

This script is working in 2 steps.

First it extract the internal JPEG files from the RAW files and put it next to them. As it is only data manipulation it is super fast to run.

Then the second part is re-copying all the #EXIF information from the RAW files to the freshly extracted JPEG files (the first step doesn't take care of the EXIF manipulation).

And finally it cleanup the RAW files.

Oh and for the RAW development, I'm using the awesome #Darktable !

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    Would you be interested to have "stories" in Movim ?

    Timothée Jaussoin · Monday, 7 November - 20:32

The idea would be to post quick articles with like a photo and/or short video and allow your contacts to see it for like 24h. Yes ? Na ? 🤔 #movim #feature #stories

  • Story Time

    If your favorite way to update your friends about life disappears in 24 hours, we’ve got some happy news for you. Stories are now available on Signal for Android and iOS, with Desktop coming soon!

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    7 November yvelia

    Like posts now, but with a self-destruct and in a separate view?

  • 7 November Timothée Jaussoin

    Yes, I like the idea to integrate it like Instagram is doing, having a small icon on your contacts avatar during the time the story is available. And in the end it will be like a post, but with a big picture and a small text to go with.

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    7 November eyome


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    7 November yvelia

    I've never used instagram, but I like the idea of casual media-focused posts that also deal with possibly expiring uploads on the side.

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    7 November debacle

    More than that, I want voting via Jabber/XMPP!
    So that we can use this to vote over the stories feature :-)

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    7 November marevalo

    Not really interested

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    8 November ericbuijs

    I'm not in favor of these kind of casual media sharing. I like in-depth stories instead of short lived photo's and short videos.

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    Timothée Jaussoin · Wednesday, 2 November - 11:22

    Should I add a blue check icon feature on Movim for 7,99$/month ? THINKING FACE

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    2 November yvelia

    Only if it will be possible in the future to rent different icons as well, to express my colourful personality.

  • 2 November Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅

    Not sure ^_^

  • person

    2 November cnt31

    You could go way further: create a market on Movim! Only one icon, what a communist approach! People should be able to propose the icon they want through the Movim market and of course make others pay for its. But it would not be yet enough, too much unified, too much communist. Each one should be able to propose its own market of icons, there should be comparators of markets, and of course comparators of comparators. Be innovative! Join the start-up nation! Only stupid people fight it through horrible unions of workers and reclaim nasty social improvements for all (the hate of difference and of the wonderful capitalist competition system). Be rich and join your local capitalist union for preserving and improving your class privileges!

  • 2 November Timothée Jaussoin

    Lots of awesome ideas there. I'm writing them down, the investors will love them !

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    4 November debacle