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    Timothée Jaussoin · Wednesday, 2 November, 2022 - 11:22

    Should I add a blue check icon feature on Movim for 7,99$/month ? THINKING FACE

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    2 November, 2022 yvelia

    Only if it will be possible in the future to rent different icons as well, to express my colourful personality.

  • 2 November, 2022 Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅

    Not sure ^_^

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    2 November, 2022 cnt31

    You could go way further: create a market on Movim! Only one icon, what a communist approach! People should be able to propose the icon they want through the Movim market and of course make others pay for its. But it would not be yet enough, too much unified, too much communist. Each one should be able to propose its own market of icons, there should be comparators of markets, and of course comparators of comparators. Be innovative! Join the start-up nation! Only stupid people fight it through horrible unions of workers and reclaim nasty social improvements for all (the hate of difference and of the wonderful capitalist competition system). Be rich and join your local capitalist union for preserving and improving your class privileges!

  • 2 November, 2022 Timothée Jaussoin

    Lots of awesome ideas there. I'm writing them down, the investors will love them !

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    4 November, 2022 debacle