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    The open source Epic Games Store app Heroic Games Launcher has a big overhaul / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 12 January, 2021 - 11:30 · 1 minute

Work on Heroic Games Launcher, the open source Linux alternative to the Epic Games Store continues rapid improvements with a huge new release out now. Continuing to build upon the work started with another open source tool, Legendary , which hooks into the Epic Games Store but doesn't provide users with a proper GUI.

The recently released 1.0 version (and a few bug fixes after) revamps the entire flow and design of the application, with a much sleeker looking interface and it actually does look pretty good right now. Most of it works how you would expect too, quite useful for all those free games Epic keeps giving out…if you decide to play them on Linux.

Here's a couple quick shots:


It expanded elsewhere too with a new login screen, there's a new settings page where you can configure launch options and pick things like what version of the Wine compatibility layer you wish to use to launch games. There's also now a filter to see only installed games and lots of little improvements and fixes all throughout.

Still a shame such a community project is even needed, but another fine case of a few doing what a big company won't do, since Epic Games appear to have no plans at all to directly support Linux with the client and store. At least now, Linux has something with a fancy UI that can work with it quite easily.

You can grab the Heroic Games Launcher on GitHub .

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