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    Lutris game manager v0.5.8.3 out, requires contributors to agree to a CLA / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 25 January, 2021 - 11:57 · 1 minute

For regular Linux gamers, Lutris is pretty much a household name by now. For those that aren't - Lutris is a game manager allowing you to sort through all your games from various stores.

Not only that it also allows you to manage emulators for your favourite classics, Windows games using the Wine compatibility layer and quite a lot more. It's very useful and they continue polishing up the overall experience after a huge update went out late last year.


The latest v0.5.8.3 is a small one which has these fixes:

  • Really fix popovers not showing on Wayland without making them non-modal
  • Prevent GStreamer based configuration from being applied in incompatible
    wine builds.
  • Fix crash when wine runner accesses DXVK versions before they are
  • Prevent init dialog from being closed while it downloads the runtime.

The project itself has been going through some changes recently too, and not everyone has been happy about it from all the discussions I've seen. Lutris is an open source project available on GitHub and the team ended up closing both issue reporting and pull requests for normal users last year, as explained in a Patreon post , to allow them time to sort through everything due to both the amount of requests coming in and patches being offered that didn't align with their goals and all sorts of reasoning.

Now though it's back open as of a few days ago , although contributors who want to submit patches and pull requests now need to adhere to a Contributor License Agreement which can be seen here . Seems pretty reasonable, mostly reminding people to get their code tested properly.

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