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    Movim, two years later / open-source-software · Friday, 5 February, 2021 - 11:06 edit · 2 minutes

It's more than two years ago that I started using the social network #Movim after a tip from an acquaintance. I had left G+ and never wanted to use a centralized social media platform again. I tried the Fediverse (Mastodon and Friendica), Diaspora and Movim but eventually I kept using Movim and Mastodon. The secret of Movim is tranquillity. After logging in for the first time the news stream is empty, much like Diaspora, and it only gets filled with post from people that you follow, communities that you subscribe to and rss feeds. This in combination with an easy to use chat option that gives access to whole #XMPP network makes Movim very powerful.

It's also incredibly easy to create a community in Movim, although I think community isn't the most appropriate description here. It's more a blog from one or more persons where other users can subscribe to, like and comment in a linear fashion.

I recently introduced my wife to Movim and the first thing that surprised her is that, contrary to FB, the news stream contained articles worth reading instead of ads and other bs. She also liked the fact that she could use any XMPP-client for chat. Time will tell if she'll keep using it but her initial enthusiasm was very encouraging. (Less encouraging was that her employee laptop denied access to Movim via Chrome while it was okay to access FB and the likes).

Although, I'm pretty psyched about Movim I would like to see some features. First, coming back to the tranquillity, when in the news stream on the right side five posts of other Movim users appear. I suppose that this is meant for discovery and that's great but in some of the posts I'm less interested but I can't block or hide these posts.

Also there is no way to block or hide a person entirely. This may become a problem since Movim appears to be becoming more and more popular and with that the interaction between people grows exponentially.

Currently I'm lazily using the European server of Movim but I (or anyone else) can deploy a self-hosted instance and I'm tempted to experiment with that. I'll probably get back to that.

Finally, I want to thank Timothée Jaussoin and other contributors for developing Movim and making it available to all of us. It's awesome. And if you read this please consider donating to the Movim project.

Link to my initial thoughts about Movim:

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    24 April, 2021 tallship

    Well let's try this out Eric, shall we?

    This is my first time here, and as such, like you said it's a pretty spartan place. I was going to give it a go anyway in earnest, but when you mentioned gplus it harkened me back to the only social that I actually did enjoy being part of the monolithic silos like Faceplant, Twatter, InstaSPAM, and others... in fact, now that Lemmy's out and growing in the wild I suppose we can add Reddit to the list of monolithic silos that we should maybe be concerned with.

    Anyway, gplus was a spartan landscape at first, but I plugged away at it for a couple of weeks before it was released to the gen pop and soon it started to resemble a real social network. The first thing that most folks got on board with were the Circle growing activities, things frowned upon in most socials, and recently, when checking out Clapper I got there just in time to seem them slam the hammer down on that - but it served a purpose, because when one feels as if they're in a void they're not going to remain very long.

    Moveim is obviously a vibrant place, and I half heartedly showed up figuring, "Okay, I'll make a fricken' account and check it out. Then it said that I can use any old Jabber account that I want. Well, I'm embarrased (almost) not to have given this a shake sooner, consider I'm such an early adopter that I'm one of those gold star, early adopters that actually has a addy - and I've been using it for what, twenty years? longer, maybe?

    So, next I'm wondering if I can just do a quick deploy of Movim. Checking on the number of packages I get this:

    Okay this is a good test.... Markdown time....

    $ apt-cache show movim | grep Size:
    Installed-Size: 21238
    Size: 3502624
    $ sudo apt-get install movim -s | grep -c "^Inst "
    $ sudo apt-get install movim --no-install-recommends -s | grep -c "^Inst "
    Well that's a **Lot** of packages!!! Yah, Debian Bullseye will make small work of installing all that. 3 mins top from my data center, but jeez! I might not be so inclined to try that on a Slackware box without sbopkg and queuefile support lolz. This is a place where dependency resolution really shines.

    I'm not seeing any of the big networks, (News), but there's a few interesting ones. And I'm not sure how current or bleeding edge news coverage is going to be - your post is what, two and a half months old?

    Still, it looks to be something with some potential, and I can certainly spin up a machine and make it go fast. So if all it needs is an existing XMPP account for anyone to login it certainly can't be all that bad.

    Now to check the chat functions next.... and maybe follow a couple of people - such as yourself, if I can figure that out. I'm so n00b right now.... It kinda feels good though.