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    YouTube TV keeps NBC, won’t have to bundle Peacock as companies strike new deal / ArsTechnica · Saturday, 2 October - 17:35


Enlarge / NBC's logo on the NBC Tower in Chicago on March 25, 2011. (credit: Getty Images | Raymond Boyd )

Update on October 2 at 1:35 pm ET: YouTube TV and NBC today announced a new contract that will let NBC channels remain on YouTube TV. "We're thrilled to share that we've reached a deal to continue carrying the full NBCUniversal portfolio of channels. That means you won't lose access to any of their channels, and YouTube TV will continue to offer 85+ networks for $64.99," YouTube said . NBC confirmed the deal in a statement to Ars.

YouTube confirmed to Ars that the new contract is a multi-year deal but neither company revealed the exact length. The sides previously agreed to a short extension of the old contract to avoid a blackout and were then able to finalize a new channel-carriage agreement. The new contract does not require YouTube TV to bundle NBC's Peacock online service, an NBC source confirmed to Ars. NBC previously sought a YouTube TV/Peacock bundle but dropped the demand earlier in the negotiations.

Original story as published on October 1 :

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    Hundreds of scam apps hit over 10 million Android devices / ArsTechnica · Saturday, 2 October - 10:50 · 1 minute

Never put a GriftHorse on your phone.

Enlarge / Never put a GriftHorse on your phone. (credit: John Lamparsky | Getty Images)

Google has taken increasingly sophisticated steps to keep malicious apps out of Google Play. But a new round of takedowns involving about 200 apps and more than 10 million potential victims shows that this longtime problem remains far from solved—and in this case, potentially cost users hundreds of millions of dollars.

Researchers from the mobile security firm Zimperium say the massive scamming campaign has plagued Android since November 2020. As is often the case, the attackers were able to sneak benign-looking apps like "Handy Translator Pro," "Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker," and “Bus - Metrolis 2021” into Google Play as fronts for something more sinister. After downloading one of the malicious apps, a victim would receive a flood of notifications, five an hour, that prompted them to "confirm" their phone number to claim a prize. The “prize” claim page loaded through an in-app browser, a common technique for keeping malicious indicators out of the code of the app itself. Once a user entered their digits, the attackers signed them up for a monthly recurring charge of about $42 through the premium SMS services feature of wireless bills. It's a mechanism that normally lets you pay for digital services or, say, send money to a charity via text message. In this case, it went directly to crooks.


The techniques are common in malicious Play Store apps, and premium SMS fraud in particular is a notorious issue. But the researchers say it's significant that attackers were able to string these known approaches together in a way that was still extremely effective—and in staggering numbers—even as Google has continuously improved its Android security and Play Store defenses.

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    Mathias Poujol-Rost 🇫🇷 ✅ · Tuesday, 28 September - 21:32

    How #Google Spies on Its Employees

  • How Google Spies on Its Employees

    At Google, a seemingly innocuous action can earn an employee the attention of the company’s corporate security department. For example, when Google wants to find out who has been accessing or leaking sensitive corporate information, the company often homes in on employees who are thinking about ...

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    Quelles sont les versions d'Android les plus courantes sur les smartphones ? / Numerama · Thursday, 26 August - 11:03

Android Pie est maintenant sur un smartphone sur trois. Android 10 et 11 progressent. Toutes les autres moutures s'effondrent. Voilà le panorama le plus récent de la fragmentation d'Android. [Lire la suite]

Voitures, vélos, scooters... : la mobilité de demain se lit sur Vroom !

L'article Quelles sont les versions d’Android les plus courantes sur les smartphones ? est apparu en premier sur Numerama .

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    Stadia confirms Super Animal Royale and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse plus more coming / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 17 May - 09:35 · 1 minute

Stadia has confirmed another few new announcements for their Linux-powered game streaming service that will be coming soon. Some out now, some have no release date yet.has confirmed another few new announcements for their Linux-powered game streaming service that will be coming soon, although neither has an actual release date.

Two recently we missed were Street Power Football and Hundred Days , both of which are out now and available on the Stadia store.

As for other titles coming up? Just this week they announced Super Animal Royale and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse will be coming over to Stadia. Super Animal Royale will be "Coming Soon" with no clearer date. It's going to be free to play too, so it gives people yet another chance to try out something on Stadia with no commitment to anything.

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Meanwhile Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is said to be coming out on Stadia "Summer 2021".

If you missed it, Stadia claim the service is "alive and well" in a recent interview. Certainly will be interesting to see how long Stadia sticks around for, with ~100 games coming to it this year. Stadia still have a problem of getting their marketing right too - so many people still don't quite understand Stadia itself is free as Stadia Pro is an optional subscription to get free games and 4K support (varies between games). Stadia really need to be making all of it a lot clearer for potential people to sign up to it.

Play Stadia on Linux on with a Chromium browser.

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    Google I/O 2021 preview: Google resurrects Wear OS and Android tablets? / ArsTechnica · Sunday, 16 May - 13:30 · 1 minute

Sadly the Shoreline Amphitheatre will be empty this year. Google I/O is online-only.

Enlarge / Sadly the Shoreline Amphitheatre will be empty this year. Google I/O is online-only. (credit: picture alliance / Getty Images)

Google I/O 2021 is actually happening this year. But due to a certain worldwide pandemic, it will be all online instead of outside in the sun of Mountain View. Google skipped the 2020 edition entirely, but the company is finally ready to deliver its first ever virtual Google I/O. For us onlookers, that means we're officially entering unknown territory.

Google I/O starts Tuesday, May 18 at 1 pm EDT, when Google/Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai will take the stage and presumably show off what Google has been working on all year. We've been prepping for the show ourselves, and the shift to an all-virtual event hasn't lessened the amount of tea leaves to read. We're expecting to see quite a few things over the next week.

Well, first, let's talk about what we're probably not going to see: the Pixel 5a. At Google I/O 2019 , we saw the launch of the Pixel 3a in May of that year. But with I/O 2020 canceled, the Pixel 4a didn't hit the market until much later in the following year, on August 20, 2020. Normally we would call the launch timeframe for the 5a a toss up between mirroring the 3a or 4a launch dates, but Google has already set us straight. Back in April, the company said the Pixel 5a would be "announced in line with when last year’s a-series phone was introduced." So that's August, not May, and not at Google I/O.

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    Mathias Poujol-Rost 🇫🇷 ✅ · Sunday, 16 May - 11:44

    #Google's new technical model for #Docs : "Interoperability and inspectability replaced with centralisation and obfuscation" (in tweet 6/7) #Canvas

  • Midas Nouwens on Twitter

    “Google just announced a seemingly innocuous technical change to how they render content in Docs, but in reality this is a watershed moment where democratic control over one of the most used applications is replaced with a centralised & obfuscated model 1/7”