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    PeerTube v3 : ça part en live

    eyome · Thursday, 7 January, 2021 - 19:36

  • PeerTube v3 : ça part en live

    Nous publions aujourd'hui une nouvelle version majeure de PeerTube, notre alternative aux plateformes de vidéos centralisatrices à la YouTube. À noter : An English translation of this post is available on this blog ; Voici un lien direct vers la release, avec le journal détaillant les modifications. Mais... C'est quoi PeerTube ? PeerTube n'est pas...

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    Short update on PeerTube (Sepia Search)

    ericbuijs · / open-source-software · Friday, 25 September, 2020 - 09:53 · 1 minute

While the fund raising campaign for #PeerTube has reached over 45.000 euro, the developer of PeerTube, Framasoft, introduced a search engine for channels and videos in hundreds of PeerTube instances (currently 533). The name is Sepia Search. This is a long awaited feature. PeerTube instances are due to different policies, not automatically federated with each other. As an example, my current PeerTube instance is federated with only a dozen other instances. This means that if I search on my instance I can only find videos and channels on these dozen instances and not all other instances.

Sepia Search changes all that and now I can find a video or channel that remained otherwise hidden to me. I've tested Sepia Search briefly and I was already able to find a channels of interest. This also means that my own videos can be found more easily and potentially watched more frequently (I'm not making these videos for myself you know).

It's also worth noticing that Sepia Search has handy filter options that enable the user to filter on e.g. license, publishing date or language.

PeerTube is currently a dwarf compared to YouTube but thanks to Sepia Search I became pleasantly surprised by the amount of content already present. Hopefully this will be an important step to disclose PeerTube to a much wider audience. It would be well deserved.

  • Sepia Search

    A search engine of PeerTube videos and channels, developed by Framasoft

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    Support the development of PeerTube!

    ericbuijs · / open-source-software · Tuesday, 4 August, 2020 - 14:12 edit

#PeerTube, the free and decentralized alternative to YouTube, is already great but to make it even better with global search, moderation improvements, plugins and playlists and live streaming donate for the new version 3. Funds are being raised progressively over six months of development, so that you can help Framasoft in the efforts.

  • JoinPeerTube

    PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software. Join the federation and take back control of your videos!

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    Remastered Solvespace video tutorial on PeerTube

    ericbuijs · Friday, 28 February, 2020 - 11:25

I remastered a number of my Solvespace video tutorials to 1080p and uploaded them to #PeerTube. I had these videos on YouTube but I'm getting tired of all the ads and the YT algorithm. PeerTube seems like a great alternative. Below is a link to the latest remastered video where I design and 3d print a Geneva Drive.

  • Solvespace: Geneva Drive Mechanism. Design and 3D print (REMASTERED).

    In this video I’ll design and 3D print a Geneva drive mechanism. I saw a video of Maker’s Muse where he designed a Geneva drive in Fusion 3D and I wondered if I could do the same in Solvespace. In this video I’ll show you the geometry and how to calculate all the dimensions of a Geneva drive thus enabling you to create any complete Geneva wheel yourself. During this project I designed, 3d printed and assembled several Geneva drives but for this video I’ll concentrate on the drawing of the Geneva wheel in Solvespace. However I do provide all the available Solvespace files for the wheel, crank and mount as well as the LibreOffice spreadsheet shown in this video. links: Maker's Muse video on the Geneva wheel: The animation of the Geneva drive was taken from Wikipedia article: The animation is public domain. Solvespace files for the 6 slot Geneva drive mechanism: mount: crank: wheel: Spreadsheet in open document format (.ods): For this video I used Solvespace 2.3 on OSX. Solvespace is open source (GPLv3 license) and is available for Window, OSX and Linux. It is developed by Jonathan Westhues and maintained by Whitequark and others. It can be downloaded here: