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    Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅ · Wednesday, 10 August, 2022 - 07:29 edit

    #Facebook n'a pas pris les précautions pour éviter que les utilisateurs ne subissent des préjudices du fait d'une utilisation excessive de la plateforme
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    Teen’s jailing shows exactly how Facebook will help anti-abortion states / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 9 August, 2022 - 21:45

Teen’s jailing shows exactly how Facebook will help anti-abortion states

Enlarge (credit: Charles McQuillan / Stringer | Getty Images News )

For the first time since Roe v. Wade was overturned, there's a clear example showing exactly how Facebook will react to law enforcement requests for abortion data without user consent.

Forbes reports that a 17-year-old named Celeste Burgess in Nebraska had her Facebook messages subpoenaed by detective Ben McBride, who suspected that Burgess' reported stillborn birth was a medication abortion. In the officer's affidavit , he explains that he asked that Meta not notify the teen of the request for her Facebook data because she might tamper with or destroy evidence. Court records show that Meta complied with the logic.

Meta did not immediately respond to Ars' request for comment on this case, but previously, Meta has said that "we notify users (including advertisers) about requests for their information before disclosing it unless we are prohibited by law from doing so or in exceptional circumstances, such as where a child is at risk of harm, emergencies, or when notice would be counterproductive."

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    Facebook Is Now Encrypting Links to Prevent URL Stripping / Schneier · Monday, 18 July, 2022 - 14:49

Some sites, including Facebook, add parameters to the web address for tracking purposes. These parameters have no functionality that is relevant to the user, but sites rely on them to track users across pages and properties.

Mozilla introduced support for URL stripping in Firefox 102 , which it launched in June 2022. Firefox removes tracking parameters from web addresses automatically, but only in private browsing mode or when the browser’s Tracking Protection feature is set to strict. Firefox users may enable URL stripping in all Firefox modes , but this requires manual configuration. Brave Browser strips known tracking parameters from web addresses as well.

Facebook has responded by encrypting the entire URL into a single ciphertext blob.

Since it is no longer possible to identify the tracking part of the web address, it is no longer possible to remove it from the address automatically. In other words: Facebook has the upper hand in regards to URL-based tracking at the time, and there is little that can be done about it short of finding a way to decrypt the information.