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    “Meaningful harm” from AI necessary before regulation, says Microsoft exec / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 11 May - 19:48

“Meaningful harm” from AI necessary before regulation, says Microsoft exec

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As lawmakers worldwide attempt to understand how to regulate rapidly advancing AI technologies, Microsoft chief economist Michael Schwarz told attendees of the World Economic Forum Growth Summit today that "we shouldn't regulate AI until we see some meaningful harm that is actually happening, not imaginary scenarios."

The comments came about 45 minutes into a panel called "Growth Hotspots: Harnessing the Generative AI Revolution." Reacting, another featured speaker, CNN anchor Zain Asher, stopped Schwarz to ask, "Wait, we should wait until we see harm before we regulate it?"

World Economic Forum Growth Summit 2023 panel "Growth Hotspots: Harnessing the Generative AI Revolution."

"I would say yes," Schwarz said, likening regulating AI before "a little bit of harm" is caused to passing driver's license laws before people died in car accidents.

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    OpenAI gives in to Italy’s data privacy demands, ending ChatGPT ban / ArsTechnica · Monday, 1 May - 19:17

OpenAI gives in to Italy’s data privacy demands, ending ChatGPT ban

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In March, an Italian privacy regulator temporarily banned OpenAI's ChatGPT , worried that the text generator had no age-verification controls or "legal basis" for gathering online user data to train the AI tool's algorithms. The regulator gave OpenAI until April 30 to fix these issues, and last Friday, OpenAI announced it had implemented many of the requested changes ahead of schedule. In a statement to the Associated Press , OpenAI confirmed Italy lifted the ban.

"ChatGPT is available again to our users in Italy," OpenAI's statement said. "We are excited to welcome them back, and we remain dedicated to protecting their privacy.”

OpenAI made several concessions to the Italian Data Protection Authority to bring ChatGPT back to Italy, The Wall Street Journal reported .

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    ChatGPT data leak has Italian lawmakers scrambling to regulate data collection / ArsTechnica · Friday, 31 March - 18:09

ChatGPT data leak has Italian lawmakers scrambling to regulate data collection

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Today an Italian regulator, the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (referred to by its Italian acronym, GPDP), announced a temporary ban on ChatGPT in Italy. The ban is effective immediately and will remain in place while the regulator investigates its concerns that OpenAI—the developer of ChatGPT—is unlawfully collecting Italian Internet users’ personal data to train the conversational AI software and has no age verification system in place to prevent kids from accessing the tool.

The Italian ban comes after a ChatGPT data breach on March 20 , exposing “user conversations and information relating to the payment of subscribers to the paid service,” GPDP said in its press release. OpenAI notified users impacted by the breach and said it was "committed to protecting our users’ privacy and keeping their data safe," apologizing for falling "short of that commitment, and of our users’ expectations."

Ars could not immediately reach OpenAI to comment. The company has 20 days to respond with proposed measures that could address GPDP’s concerns or face fines of up to 20 million euro or 4 percent of OpenAI’s gross revenue.

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    Discord hops the generative AI train with ChatGPT-style tools / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 9 March - 20:42

The Discord logo on a funky cyber-background.

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Joining a recent parade of companies adopting generative AI technology, Discord announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a suite of AI-powered features, such as a ChatGPT-style chatbot, an upgrade to its moderation tool, an open source avatar remixer, and AI-powered conversation summaries.

Discord's new features come courtesy of technology from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT . Earlier this month, OpenAI announced a new API interface for its popular large language model (LLM) and preferential commercial access called " Foundry ." The ChatGPT API allows companies to easily build AI-powered generative text into their apps, and companies like Snapchat and DuckDuckGo are already getting on the bandwagon with their own implementations of OpenAI's tools.

In this case, Discord is using OpenAI's tech to upgrade its existing robot, called "Clyde." The update, coming next week, will allow Clyde to answer questions, engage in conversations, and recommend playlists. Users will be able to chat with Clyde in any channel by typing "@Clyde" in a server, and the bot will reportedly also be able to start a thread for group chats.

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