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    Mindustry proves that FOSS games can be great (but we knew that already) / open-source-software · Saturday, 11 April, 2020 - 08:12 edit · 1 minute

I haven't gamed much these last years but being so much in and around the house that changed (a lot). If you like resource management, building and strategy I can really recommend #Mindustry. Calling Mindustry a tower defence game wouldn't do it justice. The goal is to build a defence to defend against waves of enemies but the building becomes very complicated and this is where the game shines. In order to be able to build you need to mine multiple resources (copper, lead etc) and some resources have to be processed into another more useful resource (e.g. coal to graphite). All the resources have to be transported over a conveyor belt to the core (the main building) or to the defences. For other parts of the build energy is needed so you need to generate that. I could go on for a while because the possibilities seems endless and the more efficient your build the better the defences become.

I also played multiplayer with my sons and we had tons of fun because you're all relying on the same resources so it's easy to create a deficit which always seems to happen when the enemy arrives.

The source code can be found on

If you download it don't forget to pay the developer.