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    You and your good buddy, Steve Steveington, are in training for an arduous charity walk. You signed up together on the spur of the moment and pledged to hold each other accountable whilst you got in shape for the big day. However, you have developed reason to suspect that Steve Steveington is losing his commitment to the plan and is staying up until the early hours of the morning partying at nightclubs or playing Call of Duty. This is unacceptable - if he falls behind because he didn’t take your...

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    iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 26 August, 2020 - 21:40

iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns

Enlarge (credit: Chesnot | Getty Images )

Facebook is warning developers that privacy changes in an upcoming iOS update will severely curtail its ability to track users' activity across the entire Internet and app ecosystem and prevent the social media platform from serving targeted ads to users inside other, non-Facebook apps on iPhones.

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 14, is expected to hit an iPhone near you this fall. Along with its many new consumer-facing features , iOS 14 requires app developers to notify users if their app collects a unique device code, known as an IDFA (ID for Advertisers).

The IDFA is a randomly-generated code that Apple assigns to a device. (Google assigns similar numbers to Android devices.) Apps can then use those codes to tie together user activity. For example, Facebook, a local shopping app, and a local weather app might all access that identifier. Facebook and other advertising businesses can then use that cross-app use data to place targeted ads for advertisers on other apps, which is what Facebook does with its Audience Network program.

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    (english) Google piste et enregistre où vous avez fait un achat sur internet

    Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅ · Friday, 26 May, 2017 - 11:57

Seule solution : être déconnecté·e de Google/Youtube/Blogger quand on surfe sur le Net.

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