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      The iPhone and iPad Spotify app now includes home screen widgets

      Samuel Axon · / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 14 October, 2020 - 19:40

    Spotify—one of Apple's main rivals in both the latter's services strategy and in antitrust investigations —has released a new version of its iPhone app that supports home screen widgets, one of the flagship features of iOS 14.

    Last month's release of iOS 14 brought home screen widgets—previously only the domain of iPads and Android phones—to iPhones. As we noted in our iOS 14 review , the value of the feature depends entirely on strong adoption and clever uses by third-party app developers.

    Releases of widget-supporting apps from developers have been slow. Part of that was because Apple launched iOS 14 with less notice to developers than usual, meaning many were racing to play catch-up. But even now, a month later, the roster of widget-supporting apps has only grown a little bit.

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