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      ULA chief says the BE-4 rocket engine’s turbopump issues are resolved

      Eric Berger · news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Monday, 26 October, 2020 - 15:03

    A BE-4 rocket engine undergoes tests in West Texas.

    Enlarge / A BE-4 rocket engine undergoes tests in West Texas. (credit: Blue Origin)

    Blue Origin appears to have solved some development issues related to the turbopumps in its powerful BE-4 rocket engine .

    United Launch Alliance chief executive Tory Bruno said Friday that the problem was "sorted out," and that the full-scale, flight-configured BE-4 engine is now accumulating a lot of time on the test stand. Bruno made his comments about one hour into The Space Show with David Livingston.

    Bruno's company, ULA, is buying the BE-4 engine to provide thrust for the first stage of its upcoming Vulcan-Centaur rocket . This booster may make its debut next year, although ULA is still awaiting delivery of BE-4s for the first flight. Two of these large engine—each providing about 25 percent more thrust than the RS-25s used on the Space Shuttle—will power each Vulcan rocket.

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