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      Self-hosting a server, what to install? / open-source-software · Thursday, 28 January, 2021 - 12:50 · 1 minute

    Last weekend my wife got so annoyed with her iCloud combo that she asked me if I could help her with an alternative cloud solution for her iPhone. She uses iCloud to sync and share documents.

    Long before that I was already thinking about a self-hosted server in our home where could I run some services on. I never actually went ahead to execute that idea since I was reluctant to install and maintain such a server. Now with the request from my wife I started looking deeper into the matter and selected three possible software packages that let me easily (or so I think) host our own server: Freedombox, and Yunohost. From these three, all free (as in freedom) software of course, Freedombox appears to be have the least number of apps which could be a problem later on (e.g. when I decide to run my own Movim server). On the other side we have Yunohost which not only has a huge amount of apps, but also supports about every app in the Fediverse. On top of that it supports Movim. When in comes to apps is somewhere in the middle between these two.

    I didn't want to let this opportunity slip so I already ordered an Intel NUC. When it arrives I can start testing.

    I'm a noob in this area so any input or experience from you guys is much appreciated.

    #Yunohost, #Freedombox, #Sandstormio