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      Movim is available in Basque! HOT PEPPER

      Timothée Jaussoin · pubsub.movim.eu / Movim · Thursday, 20 January, 2022 - 22:17 edit

    Once in a while I download and synchronize the #Movim #translations from the Transiflex platform.

    Thanks to the awesome community, Movim is now translated in 57 different languages.

    I was really surprised that the project was fully translated in Basque. A language spoken in the beautiful #Basque Country that sits between France and Spain. I personnally lived there for a few years (in Bayonna) and really loved those beautiful lands!

    I'd like to thank again all the people that are working hard on the Movim translations!

    Mila esker (Thank you in Basque) !