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      Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅ · Thursday, 18 November, 2021 - 10:25 edit

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    FairTEC (@fairtecEU@mastodon.social)
    • FairTEC (@fairtecEU@mastodon.social)

      Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC? The fact is, the longer you keep your smartphone, the smaller it's environmental footprint. Fairphone is challenging the industry by creating smartphones that are sustainable, ethical and built to last. Fairphone is a proud FairTEC member. Find their offering at www.fairtec.io #partofFairTEC Discover more: https://bit.ly/2LrI82r

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      Fairphone is offering camera hardware upgrades for existing phones

      Jim Salter · news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 27 August, 2020 - 19:35 · 1 minute

    The Fairphone 3+ pictured here is a bit bulkier than a standard smartphone—but that bulk makes it far more repairable, and as of today

    Enlarge / The Fairphone 3+ pictured here is a bit bulkier than a standard smartphone—but that bulk makes it far more repairable, and as of today's news, even upgradeable. (credit: Fairphone )

    Last year, repair guide site iFixit tore down the Fairphone 3 and gave the modular-designed a rare, perfect 10/10 repairability score. Today, Fairphone demonstrated just how far its philosophy of modular phone design can take its users, by offering the massively-upgraded cameras from its newly-released Fairphone 3+ model to owners of the earlier Fairphone 3.

    Fairphone designs are noticeably bulkier than typical smartphone designs—but they have a reason to be. Its components have been split into seven replaceable modules in order to extend the service life of each Fairphone. Battery getting weak? It's replaceable. Dropped your phone and broke the screen? Not only replaceable, guaranteed replaceable—and for reasonably technical end users, user -replaceable—with easily purchased parts from the factory.

    The original Fairphone 3 launched with a 12 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. The newly-released Fairphone 3+ is essentially the same phone, but it offers a refresh on the camera modules, bringing the rear camera to 48 megapixels and the front to 16 megapixels. Owners of the original Fairphone 3 can upgrade by simply purchasing replacement modules from the Fairphone store and replacing them.

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      Fairphone 3

      news.movim.eu / open-source-software · Wednesday, 28 August, 2019 - 13:01 edit

    Fairphone 3  | Fairphone shop

    The #Fairphone 3 is looking very interesting with it's modular repairable design and use of recycled and fair materials. The Fairphone 3 has Android 9 on-board but Fiarphone is investigating the possibility to bring the Fairphone Open OS to the Fairphone 3.