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      Discord starts down the dangerous road of ads this week / ArsTechnica · Monday, 1 April - 19:24 · 1 minute

    The Discord logo on a funky cyber-background.

    Enlarge (credit: Discord)

    Discord had long been strongly opposed to ads, but starting this week, it's giving video game makers the ability to advertise to its users. The introduction of so-called Sponsored Quests marks a notable change from the startup's previous business model, but, at least for now, it seems much less intrusive than the ads shoved into other social media platforms, especially since Discord users can disable them.

    Discord first announced Sponsored Quests on March 7, with Peter Sellis, Discord's SVP of product, writing in a blog post that users would start seeing them in the "coming weeks." Sponsored Quests offer PC gamers in-game rewards for getting friends to watch a stream of them playing through Discord.

    The goal is for video games to get exposure to more gamers, serving as a form of marketing. On Saturday, The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) reported that it viewed a slide from a slideshow Discord shows to game developers regarding the ads that reads: "We’ll get you in front of players. And those players will get you into their friend groups."

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      Discord promises outraged users it won’t store call recordings—for now / ArsTechnica · Monday, 13 March, 2023 - 18:16

    Discord promises outraged users it won’t store call recordings—for now

    Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Contributor | Bloomberg )

    Before it was updated last month, Discord’s privacy policy specifically promised to alert users “in advance” if the company ever started storing contents of video calls, voice calls, or channels. That’s why some users became alarmed when the latest updates—which go into effect March 27—seemed to quietly drop this promise. One Discord user asked Ars to investigate, wondering, “Does Discord plan to retain call recordings?”

    According to a Discord spokesperson, the answer is no.

    “There has not been a change in Discord's position on how we store or record the contents of video or voice channels,” a Discord spokesperson told Ars. “We recognize that when we recently issued adjusted language in our privacy policy, we inadvertently caused confusion among our users. To be clear, nothing has changed and we have reinserted the language back into our privacy policy, along with some additional clarifying information.”

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      PlayStation’s new Discord integration is a key step for the cross-play dream / ArsTechnica · Friday, 10 March, 2023 - 12:24

    Cross-platform voice chat has arrived on the PlayStation 5.

    Enlarge / Cross-platform voice chat has arrived on the PlayStation 5. (credit: Samuel Axon)

    This week, Sony rolled out Discord voice chat support for PlayStation 5 consoles, marking the first time a third-party OS-wide game voice call option has been available on Sony's consoles.

    Previously, PlayStation 5 users could display what game they were currently playing on their Discord profiles, but they couldn't communicate with other players without using their phones, tablets, or computers.

    The rollout follows a similar one on Microsoft's Xbox consoles last fall. Discord voice calls had long been available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The only major gaming platform outlier is Nintendo's Switch.

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      Discord hops the generative AI train with ChatGPT-style tools / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 9 March, 2023 - 20:42

    The Discord logo on a funky cyber-background.

    Enlarge (credit: Discord)

    Joining a recent parade of companies adopting generative AI technology, Discord announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a suite of AI-powered features, such as a ChatGPT-style chatbot, an upgrade to its moderation tool, an open source avatar remixer, and AI-powered conversation summaries.

    Discord's new features come courtesy of technology from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT . Earlier this month, OpenAI announced a new API interface for its popular large language model (LLM) and preferential commercial access called " Foundry ." The ChatGPT API allows companies to easily build AI-powered generative text into their apps, and companies like Snapchat and DuckDuckGo are already getting on the bandwagon with their own implementations of OpenAI's tools.

    In this case, Discord is using OpenAI's tech to upgrade its existing robot, called "Clyde." The update, coming next week, will allow Clyde to answer questions, engage in conversations, and recommend playlists. Users will be able to chat with Clyde in any channel by typing "@Clyde" in a server, and the bot will reportedly also be able to start a thread for group chats.

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      Mathias Poujol-Rost ✅ · Saturday, 12 March, 2022 - 12:56

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      GameStop FOMO inspires a new wave of crypto pump-and-dumps

      WIRED · / ArsTechnica · Sunday, 16 May, 2021 - 11:00

    Physical representations of virtual dogecoins sit atop computer components.

    Enlarge (credit: peng song / Getty )

    After the California Gold Rush, in 1870, two Kentucky swindlers whipped up a scheme to prey on thirsty financiers’ FOMO. They invented a diamond field out West. Investors sunk millions in today’s money into the scheme. All of it, of course, was for naught—a cautionary tale about believing anyone who claims they have a surefire plan to get rich quick.

    A hundred and fifty years later, a new generation of amateur investors is equally desperate not to miss the next big thing in the finance world. After watching the great GameStop stock boom play out on sites like Reddit and Discord this winter, hundreds of thousands of hopefuls are joining Discord groups that promise big earnings from manipulating the crypto market—also known as crypto pump-and-dumps. Step 1: Buy in early, when the coin is low. Step 2: convince other people to join you—the more, the merrier, the bigger the potential gains as the price of the coin goes up. Step 3: Sell out before the price tanks. Get the timing right, these groups promise, and you come out a winner (and richer). Losers are left holding the bag .

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      Movim is full of new features for 2021!

      Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Friday, 25 December, 2020 - 22:43 · 1 minute

    A lot of new exciting features were added to #Movim the past few weeks! Like Chat Reply, that allows you to quickly quote and reply to an exisiting message in a one to one or chatroom discussion.

    Chat Reply

    It is now also possible to search and add GIFs within the discussions thanks to the Tenor integration. This feature is totally optional. The administrator can easily enable it by adding the #Tenor API key within the Movim admin panel (don't forget to restart the daemon).

    Tenor GIFs

    The embedding feature was also greatly improved. Movim now resolves video urls, pictures as well as general website URLs to embed them properly within the chat! Some improvements in the picture preview feature now also allows you to preview pictures from the embedded url quickly before visiting it.

    URL preview

    And finally, some improvements were made to the picture proxy feature. To simplify, Movim is protecting its users by serving the externally shared pictures (from Internet websites for example) and acting as an intermediary. It also automatically recompress the pictures if they are too large.

    Server administrators that are hosting a Movim pod can now easily setup a cache system allowing those Movim proxyfied pictures to be kept for a while and reduce the load on the Movim side. For example, if someone is sharing a large picture URL in a chatroom, the first time Movim will display it to a member, it will recompress it and keep it in a cache, the other users will then directly request the cached version and load it instantly.

    The One-Page-Setup wiki page has been updated to explain how to setup that cache easily.

    With all those new features Movim is now ready to compete with other web chat platforms such as #WhatsApp or #Discord. But with the power of decentralisation, standard and build on open-source technologies.

    It also seems that a big feature might be planned for 2021, stay tuned ;)

    If you enjoy Movim and want to help funding the project, you can help us on Patreon. This will allow us to cover our monthly expenses and fund some new features.

    Thanks again for your support!

    That's all folks !