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      Apple Watch “Pro” rumored to have new bands, price close to $1,000 / ArsTechnica · Monday, 29 August, 2022 - 15:58 · 1 minute

    This is not the brand-new Apple Watch "Pro," just the current model, so you'll have to imagine the titanium, the larger size, and the nearly $1,000 price.

    Enlarge / This is not the brand-new Apple Watch "Pro," just the current model, so you'll have to imagine the titanium, the larger size, and the nearly $1,000 price. (credit: Apple)

    Numerous Apple-watching outfits have reported that the company is working on a rugged, fitness-minded " Apple Watch Pro, " to be announced at its September 7 event . The device could be even more of an upgrade than some expect, as the latest rumor has the wider, more square-shaped "Pro" watch requiring all-new bands.

    Weibo user "Uncle Pan," who has shared accurate information before on AirPods and MagSafe cases, posted Monday from Guangdong that an Apple Watch with a 47 or 48 mm screen will be offered this year. The new band will be wider, indicating a likely square design, Uncle Pan wrote. The user embedded an image from Twitter account Apple Hub, which offered a quirky rendering of the rumored Pro design and cited a price "close to $1,000."

    Uncle Pan's post conflicts with Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who reported in late July that while the Pro watch will be larger than existing Apple Watch models, it will not be squared or feature flat sides.

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      Apple Fitness+ launches this coming Monday at $9.99 per month

      Samuel Axon · / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 21:10

    The big Apple news today was the introduction of AirPods Max, but Apple made a smaller announcement today, too: Apple Fitness+ will launch next Monday, December 14.

    Apple Fitness+ is a new service that incorporates music from Apple Music, the health-tracking features of the Apple Watch, and original workout videos led by accomplished trainers, according to Apple. It's the latest in a series of new services that Apple has launched to bolster its revenue over the past couple years, such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple News+.

    At launch, Fitness+ will offer the following workout programs:

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      Amazon Halo will charge a subscription fee to monitor the tone of your voice

      Samuel Axon · / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 27 August, 2020 - 18:02

    Amazon has announced Halo , a combination subscription service, app, and fitness wearable that promises to use some of the same technology the company developed for Alexa to add a new dimension to personal health tracking—tone of voice.

    The product's announcement copy makes the case that "strong social connections are just as important to long-term health as adequate sleep, being fit, having a good diet, or even not smoking."

    Using machine-learning-driven speech processing, the device intermittently records your voice and analyzes its tempo, rhythm, pitch, and intensity to make judgments about "the positivity and energy of your voice" where "positivity is measured by how happy or sad you sound, and energy is how excited or tired you sound."

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