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      Twitter held in contempt, fined $350K over Trump data delay / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 9 August, 2023 - 21:17

    Twitter held in contempt, fined $350K over Trump data delay

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    Today, an unsealed court document revealed that, earlier this year, a federal judge held Twitter (now called X) in contempt of court. The judge imposed $350,000 in sanctions.

    Sanctions were applied after the social media platform delayed compliance with a federal search warrant that required Twitter to hand over Donald Trump's Twitter data without telling the former president about the warrant for 180 days.

    At first, Twitter resisted producing Trump's data and argued that the government's nondisclosure order violated the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act. However, US circuit judge Florence Pan wrote that the court was largely unpersuaded by Twitter's arguments, mostly because the government's interest in Trump's data as part of its ongoing January 6 investigation was "unquestionably compelling."

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      Chip and phone supply chain shaken as Huawei faces mortal threat

      Financial Times · / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 18 August, 2020 - 17:13


    Enlarge / Huawei's logo at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2019. (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images)

    The global chip and smartphone industries are bracing for severe disruption after the US launched tougher sanctions against Huawei that some said could mean “death” for the company.

    Washington said on Monday that no company worldwide would be allowed to sell semiconductors made using US software or equipment without a license if Huawei was involved at any stage of the transaction.

    The move closed a loophole in a May version of the rule that allowed Huawei to buy off-the-shelf chips if they were not custom-made to its designs.

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