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      Tory peer Peter Cruddas shared posts supporting Nigel Farage and Reform UK

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 16:19

    Exclusive: Almost half of billionaire Tory donor’s last 100 reposts were in support of rightwing party

    A Tory peer and former party donor has shared dozens of social media posts supportive of Nigel Farage and Reform UK.

    During the course of the election campaign Peter Cruddas, the billionaire Tory donor who was controversially ennobled by Boris Johnson , has reposted a string of material calling on voters to back Farage and his party.

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      Men should heed female hillwalkers’ safety concerns, says climbing expert

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:40

    List of ‘horror stories’ highlights need to respect women’s personal space and avoid patronising questions

    Male mountaineers should be more mindful of women’s concerns about their personal safety in remote areas and avoid patronising them by questioning their map-reading abilities, a climbing expert has said.

    The advice comes in response to female hillwalkers and mountaineers saying sceptical attitudes towards their skills and unwanted attention are discouraging women from taking up the sport.

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      Major who helped carry royal coffin denies calling recruit who died a ‘failure’

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:33

    Inquest opens into death of Connor MacKenzie Clark, 18, who is believed to have taken his own life

    A Royal Marines major who was a member of the bearer party for the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin has denied telling a teenage trainee who is believed to have taken his own life that he was the “worst recruit” and a “failure”.

    Maj Mark Thrift also said he could not understand why a search for Connor MacKenzie Clark, whose body was found on a railway track in Devon a few metres from the training camp, was not launched when he was reported missing.

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      ‘And today’s news is … I’m cancelled’: Hugh Bonneville, Alex Kingston and Steven Moffat on their cancel comedy

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:23

    As Douglas Is Cancelled prepares to air, Moffat talks about career implosions, Bonneville relives past nude scenes – and Kingston recalls the ‘wandering hands’ warnings she used to be given

    When Douglas, a nationally trusted news host, suffers a social media pile-on about a private comment revealed online, he consults his agent, who warns him – with a vagueness that may have pleased ITV’s lawyers – that he risks the fate of fellow broadcasters “whatsisname and the other one”. Many viewers will substitute the names Phillip Schofield and Huw Edwards, whose careers were cancelled after controversies about their conduct.

    “They may well do,” admits Steven Moffat, writer of ITV’s four-part Douglas Is Cancelled. “But I wrote the first version of this – as a stage play that didn’t get put on – five years ago, long before the cases you mention. It doesn’t matter which period you put this story in: there will be somebody who fell from grace in TV.”

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      Belfast North voters: tell us which issues will decide this election

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:18

    The Guardian is reporting from the constituency of Belfast North to find out what issues people there care about most – and we want your help

    The Guardian will be reporting from the new constituency of Belfast North ahead of the general election. This will be part of a series of pieces from across the country focused on finding out what matters most to the people who live there.

    If you live in the constituency of Belfast North, can you tell us what will decide your vote? We’d like to understand the big issues facing you and your family and which policies matter to you. How happy are you with the state of housing, work, public transport, local facilities for young people, policing and health services? What local issues should we be looking at?

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      Now we know Farage and Reform’s so-called policies. The worst thing Sunak can do is copy them | Simon Jenkins

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:15

    Voters will see through the thin prospectus Farage offered today. And pandering to his ideas won’t end well for the Conservatives

    Smash him. Go for the jugular . Take the gloves off and hit him with the big one. We have nothing to lose. A sure sign of political panic is when the kids in the backroom take control of tactics and use the language of the big fight.

    But who is it that Rishi Sunak is reportedly being advised to smash? The gossip from anonymous “advisers” is that he should get nasty with Keir Starmer. They have been impressed by how unsettled Starmer was by an interviewer reminding him of his support for his predecessor as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in 2019. And Sunak is also now threatened by the ghostly voice of Brexit, Nigel Farage, reincarnated as the leader of Reform.

    Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist

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      Spanish drivers hired to deliver Amazon parcels in UK take legal action over pay

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 15:00

    Exclusive: Some of the drivers say they were not paid in full and in some cases billed thousands for vehicle damage

    A group of drivers hired in Spain and brought to the UK to deliver Amazon packages to British households in the run-up to Christmas are taking legal action against the company and one of its subcontractors.

    The drivers claim the subcontractor promised them earnings of more than £100 a day, free housing, van rental, insurance and free return flights via an online meeting in Spanish.

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      Do Reform UK’s election claims on tax, immigration and environment add up?

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 14:50

    From economy to transport, health to housing, and immigration – how do the main pledges in party’s ‘contract’ with electorate stack up?

    Reform UK insists it is “not just another party manifesto”, because it does not expect to win the election. But there are a lot of policy ideas in its 28-page “contract” with the electorate. Here are the main proposals from Nigel Farage’s party.

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      Politics Weekly Westminster: Reform’s threat to the Conservatives – podcast

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 14:41

    The Guardian’s Pippa Crerar and Kiran Stacey look ahead to Reform UK’s manifesto launch and why Nigel Farage might be spooking the Conservatives

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